Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wedding in Bali, Why Not?

The beauty of Bali is unforgettable; it is why your memorable moment is perfect to celebrate here. Bali is not only Great Island for holiday destination, but it is also the most unforgettable place for wedding celebration. It has been thousands of couples who have already shared their vows in this island of God. For those beloved couples who wish to celebrate the most special event of their lives in the romantic setting with gorgeous ambience surrounds, you will find that with over a decade of experience and a strong reputation as one of the best islands in the world, Bali is really the perfect choice as organizer of your Bali villa accommodation, your ceremony and your celebrations.
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bali’s Famous Beaches for Sun, Sand and Surf

Bali is always related to the beach. If you are beach lovers who like strolling lazily on the white sand, enjoying the sun and riding the waves, Bali must be your destination. Located on the equator, Bali enjoys a wonderful year-round climate. In this land of thousand beauties, all beach lovers will be acquainted with the most beloved moment which is far for boredom and frustration. Daytime temperatures which usually reach around 32 Celsius Degree every year makes Bali as the perfect place to enjoy sun, sand and surf. There is nobody will deny that the gorgeous turquoise blue sea, the breathtaking sunshine, the crystal soft white sand and unforgettable crashing big waves have already become the main attraction of Bali for decades.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Private Villas within Easy Walking Distance to KU DE TA

Ku De Ta, Bali
Bali’s iconic KU DE TA is a stylish beach club, fine dining restaurant and entertainment venue all rolled into one. It is a popular spot for discerning travellers to relax by day and then party the night away. For many visitors, KU DE TA is the ultimate lifestyle destination that epitomizes tropical sophistication on the island of Bali. Therefore, the opportunity to stay in a private villa within walking distance to this inspiring venue is a real drawcard for anyone looking to truly indulge.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bali’s Top Underwater Tours and Activities

Bali is really paradise of water activities. Beach in Bali offers many great chances for everyone to enjoy various activities by the water. Strong and great waves in Bali is best for surfing, diving and swimming while for non-divers and non-swimmer, Bali’s underwater scenes are as beautiful as its overland highlights. Almost everybody can participate on this activity that takes them under the surface of the waves to enjoy this island’s marine biodiversity. Odyssey submarine can take passengers down to the depths of Amuk Bay in East Bali while keeping them sound and dry. Bali Marine Walk off the coast of Lembongan also can be great alternative for everyone who wants to take down on walks around the sandbank and reef gardens.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Best Private Villas in Walking Distance to Bali’s Famed ‘Eat Street’

The opportunity to eat out and enjoy great food is all part of the experience when travelling to Bali. The lifestyle district of Seminyak has an evolving dining scene and there is even an entire road dedicated just to food. Jalan Laksmana is also known as Eat Street because of its extensive collection of restaurants and cafes serving up culinary delights from around the globe. Therefore, it makes sense for food lovers to stay as close as possible to Eat Street in a private villa. Everything is within easy walking distance and the money saved on taxi fares can used to savour even more delicious dishes. With a pair of identical units located down a small lane just off Eat Street, Villa Vanilla promises serenity in the heart of downtown Seminyak. It is perfectly placed to enjoy lazy days by the pool and then venture out to sample any of the nearby restaurants on offer. Similarly, Villa Matt is a smart holiday home that is just footsteps from an array of excellent food options including Italian, Japanese, Greek and Moroccan.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Bali’s Most Popular Beaches near the Temple

Tanah Lot, Tabanan
What are the most popular things from Bali? Can you find two things at least? Yes, the answers are beach and temple. Everybody knows that beach in Bali is outstanding and has already recognized as one of the most favorite destinations in the world. The laidback atmosphere which is combined nicely with tropical surrounding of blue turquoise water and clean white sand make Balinese beach more than just beautiful. It is also happened to Balinese temple. Nobody will deny that Bali is famous as island of thousand temples. Temple is a sacred place of praying and symbol of Balinese high culture and tradition. Now, you can enjoy both of them easily. Beach and temple can be your main view of holiday if Geger Beach and Petitenget Beach is your choices.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Best Things to Do in Balinese Spa

As a high-end holiday destination, Bali enjoys the reputation as one of the best spa areas in the world. Many single areas of Bali offer journeys of indulgence and relaxation into health and harmony in varying atmospheres. Balinese spa treatments have already become main attraction of visitors to visit this island to discover a heritage of wellbeing through techniques and special ingredients. There are many best things to do in Balinese spa which all of them purposes to bring calm to mind, vitality to the body and peace to the spirit. The range of massages, scrubs, facials and traditional techniques are available to choose by all guests to embrace the rhythm of relaxation.